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Back in 15 Minutes

Back in 15 Minutes

Being day 12 of our trip, we decided to search for a “lavanderia” on our way to the bus terminal – hand washing is only so good for so long, and we thought we’d stumbled upon a good one just around the corner. Leave your bag of washing, come back “manana” and for ochenta pesos, it’s washed, dried, folded and ready for another 2 weeks lol.

Our bus tickets from Cordoba to Salta, “cama” class, were quite expensive – NZ$240 for the both of us, but seeing as its a 12 hour journey, its still only $10 an hour which seems about right for Argentina. We are booked to leave at 9pm on Friday 19th, and will get into Salta at 9am on the 20th – so, we are saving money on accommodation 😉

Later that night we went to a meeting at another hostel called “English and Mate” – unfortunately no mate (we still haven’t tried it) but at least there was English being spoken! Most of the group of 15ish were locals – ourselves, and a solo Auzzie backpacker, were kind of the centre of attention as everyone wanted to know about the other side of the world, and why we were crazy enough to come to Argentina. “Cerveza y Espanol” was straight after – but we made it more cerveza and English.

Bringing us to today, Wednesday, the day we get to wear clean clothes again! Yay! After breakfast (at probably the best hostel breakfast buffet thus far) we went to the laundry. Their “Back in 15 minutes” sign must have been broken, as it was over an hour before anyone arrived. Not ready they say, come back at 2-2.30pm they say. Ok… so that kind of messed our plans up, but never mind. A quick look around a little museum (they’re free on Wednesdays in Cordoba) and back to our hostel to get changed, before going to find the “parrilla” restaurant we’d seen on our walking tour, and also been recommended at our English and Mate meet. “La Parrilla de Raul” didn’t disappoint – think char-grilled meat, meat, and meat. Ordering the “Parrilla Ejecutivo” we thought we may have bitten off more than we could chew. Not so – just enough perfectly cooked beef, chicken and pork to fill us up for the rest of the day. Accompanied by papas fritas, ensalada and an empanada, and followed by a postre of flan with what we think was golden syrup.

Succulent beef, juicy chicken breast, pork (with some sort of sauce…) and empanada and chips – only $16 for this plus dessert!

We waddled back to the laundry, arriving at 2.30pm, to yet another “back in 15 minute sign”. Ok sure, we waited 30 minutes, still no one. Empty handed, we went back to the hostel for an hour or so, before walking that oh so familiar path to the laundry again at 4pm. “Back in 15 minutes” hung in the window… taunting us. But, at least this time, someone surfaced after around half an hour of waiting. Not. Ready. We quickly come up with a “we’re leaving at 8pm on the bus tonight” story, and agreed to come back at 6pm to collect said washing.

5.55pm – our favourite place, familiar faces greet us (are we friends yet?) and, familiar clothes! Fortunately not with a familiar smell, but a a more pleasant warm, soapy, and very clean smell. Hallelujah!