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We’re in Siesta Country Now

We’re in Siesta Country Now

We arrived into Cordoba after 7 hours on the bus from Rosario. We almost didn’t make it onto said bus, as the person who sold us the tickets, wrote the wrong company on the bottom of our tickets. Inching very close to departure (it was now just 5 minutes away) we started to ask other drivers where they were going and showing our tickets. At the 2nd or 3rd bus along, we found which one we were supposed to be on! Not a “Sierras Cordoba” bus, but a “General Urquiza” – very, very different. Never mind, we made it, and settled into our semi-cama seats in the rather foggy upstairs cabin.

A dozen or so stops, a few siestas, more tuna sandwiches and 7 hours later, we arrived into Cordoba city. As our taxi took us through the streets, we noticed it was a bit empty, but figured we we’re in a quiet part of town or something? Not thinking much of the quietness, we checked into our hostel and set off in search of a supermarket. Nada. Not a thing was open in the CBD at 3pm on a Saturday. Returning to our hostel empty handed, we set about Googling why, and what would be open/when. Seems most things were closed until Monday, and with an empty pantry (or grocery bag rather) we decided to take a taxi to Walmart, some 10 minutes away.

We were not disappointed. Not only did we find the biggest supermarket/department store we’d ever seen, there were also stores and a food court, all open! 650 pesos later, and a bit of confusion with the check out operator (they don’t like our pre-paid travel cards because they have no name on them) we had enough food for the week and a few beers.

Sunday (14th May) was spent updating the blog, and researching our next destinations. Having wasted the day, on Monday we decided to do the “La Docta” free walking tour around Cordoba city. We were a small group of 8 – 2 Swiss, 1 French, 1 German and 4 Kiwis – the other 2 Kiwi’s also being from Nelson, and living around 5km from our house (small world!). Ana was our tour guide for the morning, we visited several places such as the Iglesia Catedral, an Alfajores shop (where we got to sample some) and an old Jesuit Church/ruins of one that they’d found while laying cables. We we’re recommended a local restaurant, and had their vegetable tart with salad and a drink for only NZ$8 each.

Iglesia Catedral
Iglesia Catedral – Beautiful Ceilings
Iglesia Catedral
Jesuit Church – under the road

The following day we moved hostels, only a block or two up the road so we walked (faster than the traffic was flowing). We soon realised that Hostel Alvear was just ever so slightly better than our digs for the last 3 nights – for an extra 200 pesos over 3 nights (just under $7 a night) we now had our own private ensuite, a bed that didn’t sink and crunch every time you moved, air conditioning, a chair (don’t laugh!) and best of a TV that we don’t even watch because it’s all in Spanish. Waahoooooooo!

Luxury at Hostel Alvear!