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Cafayate and Calchaqui Valley Day Tour

Cafayate and Calchaqui Valley Day Tour

While in Salta, we booked ourselves onto a full day bus tour to Cafayate (hey it said including wine), choosing an English Tour we thought was a smart move. What we weren’t expecting, was to be on a bus full of Spanish speakers (no hablan ingles!) and for the poor tour guide to have to repeat everything in Spanish and in English! Whoops! He was rather entertaining though, and having taught himself English using British material, he sounded like somewhat of an Argentinian David Attenborough.

We wound our way out of Salta, heading south through some very barren looking pueblos. After a while the windows of the bus defogged, and we were able to see the surrounding area. The bus first takes you through the Calchaqui Valley past some stunning rocky scenery – all different shades of red, green and yellow could be seen, but unfortunately we’re rather hard to capture from a moving bus!

The pictures can explain the rest of the journey 🙂

La Garganta del Diablo – the Devils Throat
Looking up into the Devils Throat – it towered above us, too much to get all in one shot!
Where there’s a tourist attraction, there’s someone selling things! In fact there were around half a dozen little jewelery stalls set up at both the Devils Throat and the Amphitheatre
Can’t get enough of those panoramas! This one was taken from “Tres Cruces”
Such a contrast between here and NZ!
And another shot…
We visted the “Gata Flora” winery and sampled 3 of their wines – a white, a rose and a red. The white came out the winner, and we happily purchased a bottle for NZ$8
We stopped at the Amphitheatre on the way home – and were treated to some Spanish opera style singing by one of our fellow tourists
Just waiting for Roadrunner to zoom along – “meep meep!”