San Telmo to Recoleta

San Telmo to Recoleta

Not such a big move (like 3 or 4km across the city) but we wanted to be closer to the bus station, and walk around Recoleta and see a few things.

It is however still raining (yesterday it poured down and there was some pretty decent thunder) so we haven’t done so much. We’re planning on doing a free walking tour (not quite free as you pay them in tips) tomorrow if the weather is better. Then, on Wednesday we’re taking a bus early in the morning to Rosario, 4-5 hours away.

We did still manage to acomplish a couple of things today – successfully ordered sandwiches and coffee in a bakery, purchased a SIM card, and topped it up at a “Kiosco”. The self serve machine was a little confusing, but we managed to squeek out a “por favor, ayudarme?” at the shop assistant which I hope means “Please can you help me” rather than “Help its an emergency” haha…

Found a decent supermarket (called “Disco” – there was no disco though) and actually purchased some decent food and meat. Stuffed up a bit though – turns out you pesar (weigh) your own fruit and vege, then the check out person scans the barcode.

The following day was lovely and sunny, so we took advantage of a “Free Walking Tour” that started around 10 minutes walk from our hostel. Buenos Aires Free Walking tours operate both an English and a Spanish version of the tour, naturally we chose the English option with “Fernando”. A typical Argentinian (always carrying a flask and cup for his mate tea) he led us through the streets to various palaces, mansions, plazas, parks, churches and monuments. The tour ended at Recoleta Cemetary, which despite its supposed popularity, was quite empty of people.

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