Salta Free Walking Tour

Salta Free Walking Tour

Having already done free walking tours in Buenos Aires and Cordoba, we decided to head out on Monday morning to do the 2 hour walking tour around Salta. We were led around the city center by our guide (who’s name escapes me…) and visted historical buildings such as the Basilica Cathedral (the pope visited this church and led a mass – hence its now a Basilica) and a Convent that is still in use today. Outsiders can communicate with the nuns through a rotating table/door (put your letter on the table and turn it type thing) but you can never see them face to face.

Outside the Basilica Cathedral in Salta
Inside the Cathedral
Convent in Salta – if you look closely at the woodwork the name of the family is in the top left, and each side tells a story (seed at the top, through to flower etc)

One thing to always do on a free walking tour, is to ask about the best places to eat! Today was no exception, and although we ended up being the only ones in the restaurant, we had probably the best meal in Argentina! Meals always start with bread, and this time we got a creamy kind of mayo (maybe?) and a salsa to go with. A giant jug of homemade lemonade, with “hiebra” – we’re still not quite sure what this is but it tasted minty, and Darryl reckons almost like spirulina of sorts. It was delish either way. Entre was “sopa de mani” or, peanut soup. Quite possibly the best soup we’ve ever tasted, it was creamy and nutty and had chunks of pork making it almost a meal on its own.

Main was a lentil stew – full of bacon, tomato, beef and all sorts of yummy flavours, we “struggled” through this hearty meal, before rolling on back to our hostel (fortunately only 2 blocks away) for a siesta.

Oh my! Something to go on our bread? This is a treat!
Sopa de mani <3
2-4-6-8 dig in and don’t wait!
The best lentil stew!

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