One Step Closer

One Step Closer

It’s done!

The place we’ve called home for the last 4 and a bit years is empty, leaving us one step closer to departure time. The last few boxes left late yesterday afternoon, after a mammoth 2 days of full on packing, cleaning, moving, and a couple (alright, quite a few) of “stuff this” moments. The process actually started months earlier, when we started selling off a few un-used things which would have just become more container fillers. Managing to make a little under NZ$3000 (and I’m sure we should have sold/donated/dumped more), this tidy wee sum of money will be put to good use on our travels – perhaps a little cerveza money? ūüėČ

Queen of the junk!

(Side note: We’ve both sworn off 3 bedroom houses with giant sleepouts which become junk pits, and will probably live in a cardboard box when we get home if it means we don’t have to go through this all again!)


Thankfully, we’re not currently homeless, nor living in a cardboard box – we’re managing a spot of glamping at Darryl’s parents house. Adamant that living out of our van would be an excellent idea, we soon changed our minds when a caravan arrived. Space, power, headroom… all things that our van was lacking – we’re pretty stoked with our accommodations for the next 2 weeks

A pretty little view from the new digs – mind the boxes of junk!

A few tips for moving your life into a container (or storage)!

  1. Start early! As soon as you’ve decided you’re going, start downsizing! Containers are big, but they’re not 3-bedroom-house-plus-garage-plus-sleepout big.
  2. Sell, sell, sell! We sold bulky things such as coffee tables, old dressers, dining tables and chairs that would have taken up too much space in the container – furniture seems to always sell for a decent price too, maybe owing to the current upcycling trend? (Pssssst – hint: Most of the stuff we sold, we had purchased from TradeMe/garage sales for LESS than we ended up selling them for ;))
  3. Donate/throw away! Things that maybe aren’t worth selling, but are still in good nick can be given away. Anything that is not worth keeping = SEND IT TO THE SKIP!! I have a feeling we’re going to come back and wish we had of thrown more away, and we should have probably hired a skip to encourage us to do so and fill it up. But, there’s always next time!
  4. ¬†Consider the cost of keeping your stuff. If you aren’t lucky enough to have lovely parents/parents-in-law who can offer a spot in their paddock for a¬†container, you’re probably going to be paying to store your stuff. Consider hiring a smaller storage unit, and REALLY downsizing. We purchased a 20ft container rather than a 40ft, but it’s still huge.

We’ll be using our time¬†in “limbo” – this time between moving out of our house and getting on that plane to South America – to do a bit more sorting, and finalize a few more things (like packing lists!). We’ll be saying goodbye (temporarily) to our dogs soon too – we’re off to Wellington on Monday 24th bound for “Dinky Dogz”.

17 days til departure!!

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