Essential Travel Documents

Essential Travel Documents

In an age of computers, we are seeing less of a need for “printed” material. However, this can be entirely different while travelling – requiring a few important pieces of paper to enter a foreign country ūüėČ We’ll be visiting¬†around 8 different countries on our trip around South America, so it’s important we get it right. So, what will we need…?

  1. Passport, of course!

A Kiwi¬†passport is one of the strongest in the world. Technically ranked 7th, alongside Greece, we New Zealanders are allowed to visit 171 countries visa free! It’s important to make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity, and enough pages for all those entry/visa stamps. Make sure to have paper copies available, as well as storing a copy in your Dropbox or Google Drive in case the worst happens! Also worth having – copies of passport sized pictures for visas. This will save you time at the border – yes often there are machines/people who are set up to do this at the border, but it will be much quicker if you have your own!

By AnkitchopraOwn work, Public Domain, Link

2. Vaccination Records

From the 2nd March 2017, travelers entering Bolivia are now required to have a Yellow Fever shot. Previously it was not a requirement, but more of a recommendation. Other South American countries do not require it, however it is strongly recommended if you are travelling basically anywhere in South America with the exception of¬†Chile and Argentina. Check out this map from the CDC. Other vaccinations you may want to consider include Typhoid, Rabies, Hep A & Hep B. You’ll also want some sort of anti-malaria medication too – Doxycycline seems to be the most common given out to New Zealanders, and the most affordable.

Yellow Fever Recommendations – CDC

3. A Return Ticket/Proof of Onward Travel

We have a return flight booked from Buenos Aires, however for other countries we haven’t yet made any plans! We’ve heard that for overland travel, you are not usually asked… so we’ll be putting this one to the test!

4. Travel Insurance

It’s not worth travelling without, though with any luck you’ll never have to make a claim! We took out 180 days worth of travel with World Nomads¬†– we found their website really easy to navigate, and it was super simple to add on all the activities we are planning on doing!

5. Bookings!

If you’ve pre-booked anything (think the Inka Trail, hotels, hostels, or tours of any description) it might be worth having a hard copy of this booking. It’s great if you have everything in your Drop Box or Google Drive, but if your phone/device runs out of battery, or you don’t have WIFI signal, it can make things a bit tricky!

We have been using for most of our hotel bookings so far. It’s really easy to use, and seems to give a whole lot more results than we can get on similar booking sites. If you want to give it a go, just enter your destination below and hit “Search”!

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