About Us

About Us

Who's behind Kurious Kiwis...

We are Darryl & Courtenay, a young married couple living semi-rurally in Nelson, New Zealand. Known for it's sunny weather, excellent wine and craft beer, arts and crafts, and the Abel Tasman to name a few, we love living here but it's time to see what else the world has to offer!


Life so far: We did the what some may deem the "boring" or "sensible" thing and instead of rushing off overseas, we set about building our own little "empire" aka we purchased a house and settled down. We have two fur kids, Panda & Louie, who are going to live at "grandma's" while we venture around the world. Grandma just happens to run a boutique daycare and kennel for small dogs - Dinky Dogz, so we don't think they'll be too unhappy with this at all.


We have managed few trips to various Pacific Islands, as well as Australia, and most recently (October 2015) Thailand for our honeymoon, but this trip will be the biggest (and best!) yet! Here's hoping these trips have helped us prepare (even a little!) for being away from little ol' NZ for half of 2017.

Our journey begins in Buenos Aires on the 5th May, and we'll need to make our way back here in time for our flight home on the 30th October. There was no real reason for this choice other than it was the cheapest place to fly into/out of at the time!

We have a rough plan to head north through Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and possibly Columbia, before flying south back to Lima and heading south into Chile. From Chile we jump back over into Argentina, and if there's time, a short trip over to Uruguay before heading home. Its only a rough plan as we want to be able to spend some time in places if we particularly like them, or manage to score some work etc.

So stay tuned, check out the blog, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!


Courtenay & Darryl aka Kurious Kiwis

Say Hi! (or Kia Ora!)

*drumroll* Introducing us! There's not much to know, but we'll attempt to share a few things about ourselves below...


"The Instigator"

A few years of nagging I think earns me the title of "The Instigator". Surprisingly, I managed to restrain myself and not purchase a 1 way ticket to Chile a long time ago (a surprise return ticket to Tonga may however occurred). Instead, meeting Darryl in 2009 lead me down the sensible path of home ownership and marriage, before we both decided it was time to finally check out South America today.

I like to plan (probably too much!) and am a bit impulsive. Luckily I can count on Darryl to be a voice of reason and think my plans through!


"The Willing Victim"

Darryl promises to add some interesting stuff about him here! 😉